The Paris Marathon Registration

How to register

The rule is first come, first served. The limit is 40000 registrations.

You will use the Caisse d’Epargne secured payment system.
After validation of your entry and payment, you will receive an e-mail with you race number and instructions to follow.

Entry fees process:

Entry fees will not follow dates but quotas of places.

The first places (10,000) will be distributed from the 15th of September. When these places are attributed, the following quota of places (second entry fee) will be available… and similarly for the third quota (third entry fee).

The number of places remaining in each quota will be published on the web site home page and updated daily. 

10,000 first quota of places 65 €
13,500 next quota of places 80 €
13,500 final quota of places 95 €

(3,000 places are reserved for the event partners and for overseas specialised travel agencies).

Entries are limited to 40000 places.


You must choose a bib colour according to your ability and target goal. Thank you for your co-operation.

The red and yellow starting zones are reserved to runners who provide proof of previous race results obtained within the last two years.

Elite   Post mail entry
Preferential Less than 3h Post mail entry
Red 3h00 On-line entry
Yellow 3h15 On-line entry
Blue 3h30 On-line entry
Purple 3h45 On-line entry
Green 4h00 On-line entry
Grey 4h15 On-line entry
Pink 4h30 and further On-line entry

Preferentials runners could register directly online on the red and yellow starting zone to use the first entry fees. They just have to send us performances proofs before the end of November, and we will be able to change their race number.

To complete your registration and pick-up your race number, you will have to provide a medical certificate to ASO-Athlétisme with you bib number written on.

You will also be able to present this certificate at Running Expo, when you will collect your bib number.

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